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Unleashing Bitcoin with Stacks Australia

In June 2022 the Digital Playhouse Foundation were successful grant recipients to establish a Stacks Chapter in Australia.


Stacks Australia was Founded in the first quarter of 2022 by Kieran Nolan following a grant application with the Stacks Foundation for the development of an open project The School of Bitcoin DAES

Introducing Stacks Australia

The primary goals to accelerate adoption of Stacks in Australia and New Zealand and create Developer community for Clarity, the language used for building Smart Contracts on Bitcoin.

Stacks Australia it is not just a technology, its the community of great, passionate people seeking to advance the public and social welfare around the globe through digital and financial literacy.

We believe that some incredible things can be done with the Bitcoin Technology Stack by unlocking the immence value of the Bitcoin network with Stacks.

Stacks ecosystem is the #1 Web3 project on Bitcoin

Before we get started let's take a look at what is possible and what sort of teams we need to assemble to make Stacks Australia acheive its mission.

So how can you build on Stacks?

Clarity brings smart contracts to Bitcoin. It is a decidable language, meaning you can know, with certainty, from the code itself what the program will do.

Clarity Universe is the hub for all things related to learning Clarity, the most expressive and secure language for writing smart contracts secured by Bitcoin. Find courses, key resources, and job opportunities.

There are two programs.

Clarity residency program

The Goals of the residence program are to Scale Clarity education and Introduce more developers into the stacks ecosystem

Clarity Camps

Clarity Camps are a 6 week guided cohort where you will learn all about the fundamental skills to work with Clarity, the native smart contract language for the Stacks Blockchain that enables Smart contracts on Bitcoin. You can join virtual camps for now while Stacks Australia muster the team and resources to host camps here

Web3 developer camps



Fueling elite Bitcoin Blockchain |Crypto |Stacks | startups

Stacks Accelerator provides a 3-month mentorship-driven program for teams building the internet of our future

Stacks Accelerator Programs

Stacks Ventures

3 Month Program

Successful Teams from Cohort 1

BTC Startup DAO

The goal is to launch 300 BTC DEFI Projects before end of 2023!

2 Month Cohort Program

Enquire about Cohort 2

Here are some of the latest Stacks Residents Projects. Check them out - get in their testing programs and help them build their communities.

Leos Guru

Decentralised learning platform

Get rewarded proportionally for your work

Set up your own learn 2 earn course

Get started with a simple course and learn stacks by doing

Get proof on the blockchain that you have done the course

Join the waitlist for the mid July release


Boom Boxes Wallet

Limited edition NFTs

Mint custom NFTs

Reward generating NFTs

Buy and sell in the marketplace (soon)

Manage all your Stacks assets

Friedger - Identity Advocate

Building some super cool apps for Digital Identity profiles that you own yourself free of government control

NFT Profiles

Verifiable credentials

Biolinks on Bitcoin

Checkout WEB3 id

Universal STX Profiles

Umbrel App

App platform for running app services

Run you own lightning node

Docker containers

No need for develop experience

Offers a local bitcoin node to sync to

Get your own umbrella server syncing with the stacks blockchain

good morning, satoshi

Stacks degens

Stacks Degens is a blockchain technology company at the cutting edge of creating gaming applications that integrate to the Stacks blockchain.

Fully open source for a standard that everyone else to build on opening up participation by all players in the community





Helping artists create #NFTs on @themintery | @Stacks NFT Resident #Bitcoin

Gaia Storage

Advancing storage solutions for Stacks DaPPS

Fungible Systems

Developing data indexing solutions for Stacks

Clarity Lab

Executor DAO - The aim is to help projects launch their DAOs

Ecosystem DAO - developing a community DAO for Stacks with a goal to Power and Engage

Getting help with your Tokenomics with MattyStx

Creating a Tokenomic Design Canvas

Stacks Australia is a Open Program for beginner to expert developers.

Join the Stacks Australia Community here is all you need to know

Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd

Stacks Australia Road Map

#trybrid Meetup events 1st Thursday of every month! 5:30 – 6:30pm (AEST) Meetups Melbourne, Sydney, QLD and NZ Bitcoiners! over Zoom, in person, on YouTube and in #VR

Get a Hiro Wallet

The Stacks Blockchain

Stacks Australia DEV Community Be a participant in the growth of the Stacks Blockchain Developer Community.

The smart contract language for Stacks is Clarity

Build on Stacks - Start here

Want to know more?

Help plan our first Hackathon?

Particpate in building the Stacks Australia Community?

Donate to Stacks Australia

$STX Address


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