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What to Expect at a Digital Playhouse Advanced Crypto Session

Advanced Crypto Nights every Thirsday at the Digital Playhouse are action packed. Here is a summary of what to expect

Special Project Learn by Doing

Tonight took a deep dive on Algorand and the new Play 2 Earn project Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs will be a part of the Digital Playhouse WEB3 gamers guild we are launching soon.

Deep Dive on Cosmic Champs

The protocol Layer for Cosmic Champs - Algorand

Getting Rewards for Committing Algos for Governance

Who is Backing Alogrand Projects like Coasmic Champs

The big Daddy in Algorand

Accelerator for Algo Projects

The Draper Aglo Accelerator program for new projects that will launch on Algorand

The Algorand Directory

Review of some other Algorand Projects

Pact Defi for Algo

The Game Launch Party

The NFT and Game Builders for the Project

When Cosmic Jobs?

Im sure a Cosmic DAO jobs board will be coming soon so get ready and skill up and join the WEB3 explosion

Example of DAO Gamers Guild

Australian Founded

(Hopefully the CGU DAO will take on Cosmic Champs)

Why build a Game on Algorand - A personal Experience of another Gaming Project

Algorand vs Other Blockchain gaming-specific Layer-2 Protocols

Another game builders story

Learn and Earn with Cosmic Champs

The Future of DAO P2E Gaming

DAO Play 2 Earn projects are the future of gaming. Cosmic Champs gives you the opportunity to not only play but to help build a community where everyone benefits

What is up Next ?

Join the Next Digital Playhouse Event on the 28th of April 5:15 - 6:30

Online (zoom link provided on ticketing) or in person at the Digital Playhouse

All proceeds got to Our Coding 4 Kids Programs

Get your tickets here

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