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Digital Playhouse is the brainchild of Agnes Water co-founders Electra Frost and Gordon Christian. A vision 3 years in the making now with a venue for cutting edge workshops and events.

Through investment in growth technologies, regional communities can adapt skills to emerging opportunities and raise their level of Monetary and Social Capital.

Our key partners and stakeholders are made up of highly driven and highly interested people who we are committed to engage through consultation and delivery of our programs.



Digital Playhouse is the brainchild of Agnes Water co-founders Gordon Christian (pictured on left) and Electra Frost.

In 2016 Electra Frost provided an early example of operating remotely in the Digital Economy after moving her Accounting and Business Advisory practice from Sydney to Agnes Water, whilst servicing a national and international client base in the creative and technology industries. Having managed and led paperless and digital advisory practices for two decades, technological adaption and keeping apace with change is core to how Electra grows businesses. She enjoys guiding others towards successful outcomes of digital transformation within their own businesses.

2018 was the year Gordon founded Australia's First Digital Currency Town in Agnes Water.


Inspired by this new technology, Gordon drew on ideas of Educator and Technologist Kieran Nolan and commenced a Coder Dojo as an after school program to teach local kids about coding. 


At the same time Australian of the year 2018 Quantum physicist Professor Michelle Yvonne Simmons on "the space race of the computing era" ​put a call out to our kids and young people "IF YOU PLAY IT LEARN TO MAKE IT”

Inspired by Australian entrepreneurship and innovation legend Chad Renando on 1 January 2019 the Agnes Water 1770 Digital Business Group was established as a virtual hub to bring together a collective of digital thinkers.

Thanks to our good friends at Start-Up Gladstone the idea of a hub grew with vision of an E-STEAM centre sparked at the Agnes Water meet-up with Qld Chief Entrepreneur Leeanne Kemp in August 2019. 

Gordon founded the first Australian Chapter of for Blockchain and Real Estate, provides Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education in the Gladstone Region, and moderates International webinar events for Blockchain.  Electra registered as a Qld Mentoring for Growth (M4G) consultant to help businesses grow in these times of rapid change. 

On Saturday 27th of March 2020 Gordon and Electra established suitable premises to open a non-virtual hub:

“Digital Playhouse”

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The focus of Digital Playhouse is to bring Digital Acceleration to Regional Communities. Our core services cater for children, teens, young people, entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Our mission is to overcome the digital divide which disadvantages communities outside of the major urban centres. Through investment in growth technologies, regional communities can grow their Monetary and Social Capital to a level required in the age of inflationary monetary supply and eroding wealth and opportunity in our society.


Our mission can be achieved through providing a leading-edge knowledge and learning centre utilising a problems-based student-centric model of learning. Our programs will help others find their Raison D’etre “the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence.” Our learning environment will follow pedagogical practices where students and teachers produce work and learning together. The teacher becomes more of a mentor or coach helping students achieve the learning goal in an attractive, well-resourced and dynamic environment.


Our programs will support and provide opportunities to those not in the labour market and also provide conversion and the adaption of skill to match emerging opportunities.




Our key partners and stakeholders are made up of highly driven and highly interested people who we are committed to engage through consultation and delivery of our programs.


  • StartUp Gladstone


  • Startup Onramp


  • Advance Queensland


  • Chief Entrepreneurs Office 


  • CQU STEM Centre for learning 


  • Regional Industry 


  • Local Business 

  • Blockchain Collective

  • Bitcoin - The most distributed community on the planet focused on bring about Social Change for the good of human race  


  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Foundations namely - Polkadot, Algorand and Elrond 


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Our Sponsors 


We are also sincerely grateful to our founding sponsors who share in our vision:


  • Electra Frost Advisory

  • Owen Painting and Decoration

  • CQU 

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