This is a playhouse, not a classroom. We learn by doing. Scroll down for leading edge knowledge-sharing & training events on each week. 

Our high quality programs focus on problem-based learning activities, for life-long learners of all ages. We leverage skilled professionals and educators living in and visiting the Agnes Water region to share knowledge and provide a hands-on problem based learning experience for maximum effect.

  • Accountants On-Chain with Request.Finance
    Mon, Aug 15
    Interactive Video Group Call
    Join us with Request.Finance to learn how to help your clients take the plunge with running businesses on crypto. Build on your cloud accounting experience with the Web3 tools used to facilitate workflows and processes around crypto invoicing, payments, debtor management and financial reporting.
  • learn about eInvoicing and blockchain
    Fri, Aug 19
    Online Event
    Learn how Australian small businesses and accountants are adopting eInvoicing to save time on fixing errors and chasing invoices. The ATO join us to explain their role in the Australian eInvoicing landscape. Digital Playhouse is exploring the benefits of blockchain-based systems and how they work.
  • Accountants On-Chain with Utopia Labs
    Wed, Aug 31
    Interactive Video Group Call
    How to collaboratively manage the payroll and expenses for a DAO. Featuring: Utopia Labs. Join our fortnightly web3 business and cryptoliteracy event. We share professional insights, and navigate the resources and tooling we can use to improve our clients' businesses and grow our practices.
  • Accountants On-Chain with Detof
    Wed, Sep 14
    Interactive Video Group Call
    Facilitating financial compliance for SMEs with crypto transactions. Web3 crypto accountant, Detof founder, Bassil joins our fortnightly cryptoliteracy event. We share niche insights and lead each other to resources and tooling that can help us improve our clients' businesses and grow our practices
  • Real world perspectives for web3 enterprises and their advisors
    Wed, Sep 21
    Online Event with Q&As
    Join Accountants On-Chain & Julian Cheng (Gilbert + Tobin law firm) for enlightening insights into organisational and legal structures for crypto enterprises - covering DAOs, token raises, NFTs, royalties, mining - and the associated tax and employment law implications for founders and contributors
  • Accountants On-Chain with AEM Journaler
    Wed, Sep 28
    Interactive Video Group Call
    Understand and see how businesses use crypto and report their activity with Xero software. Featuring: AEM Journaler, Australian software. Fortnightly web3 business and cryptoliteracy event. We navigate resources and tooling we can use in practice and to improve our clients' businesses.
  • Web3 Accounting Practice - Auditchain AUDT Token Economy
    Wed, Oct 12
    Interactive Video MeetUp
    Blockchain and Web3 applied to professional service business models. Accounting firm owners and managers meetup to learn what skills are necessary to stay on top of their field. This month: participating in the AUDT Token Economy to perform financial statement and process control NFT validation
  • Crypto Tax Holiday 2022
    Fri, Nov 04
    Digital Playhouse, Agnes Water
    We're hosting a tax holiday for accountants and crypto enterprises in beautiful Agnes Water / 1770 after 2022 tax season! Let's fix the tax system. A structured brainstorm to prepare submissions for the Board of Taxation's Review of the Tax Treatment of Digital Assets and Transactions in Australia
  • Crypto Experiential Tour for Accountants & Advisers
    Fri, Dec 02
    Online Learning & 1-on-1 Consultations
    The nature of money is having one of the most revolutionary changes we have ever seen - at a pace we have never seen. In this 4 hours of videos and quizzes, plus 2 hours one-on-one practical skills & navigation, we familiarise with aspects of Crypto, De-Fi and Web 3.0 that our clients are using.

conference space TRAINING ROOM
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Well equipped training room or small conference venue with projector, 3 metre screen and seating up to 50 attendees

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Well equipped training room or small conference venue with projector, 3 metre screen and seating up to 50 attendees

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full-day or weekend
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For the ultimate corporate brainstorming getaway, book in for a full day or weekend. Up to 50 attendees with large projector, technical support, sit/stand desks on wheels for breakaway groups and dynamic mingling, natural light and fresh country air, and catering. 


Meetups, Podcasts, Webinars and Livestream Events

Digital Playhouse are building out a calendar of exciting events - in person in house - live from our podcasting booth when its ready to go, online via our webinar series PLUS live stream global events right here in Agnes Water. 


Digital Exhibitions 

Digital Art is exploding with the advent of NFT's (Non Fungible Tokens). The world of VR provides the next level of Interactive digital experiences. 

Digital Playhouse would love to showcase your project and enable value realisation of your work.


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Knowledge sharing is so important in this era of rapid change, and we have the space and facilities to get people together and focused.


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