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NFT Holiday Fun at Digital Playhouse

Queensland school holiday kids learned financial and digital literacy through coding, Minecraft, blockchain, NFTs and having fun! Adults can learn with us - see our NFT workshop series in October.

In September school holidays in Agnes Water Qld, 15 amazing kids, along with some super patient and helpful parents, set up their own digital wallets and minted the first NFT's with Brett from on the Stacks Blockchain.

The NFT's were one off mints from an unnamed artist who donated the Pixel Art piece for the special event. The Kids decided on what Meta Data would be in their NFT while each NFT that was minted containing their first names.

They learned all about private Keys or SEED Words - internet security - how to download WEB3 browsers - add Chrome extensions - set up their digital wallets - and collect their NFT's.

This is a project of the Digital Playhouse Foundation sponsored by Startup Gladstone with many thanks to Stacks Australia and Gamma

To check out the mint go to Holidays at Digital Playhouse:


Gamma: Bitcoin Secured NFTs?

The Digital Playhouse project, Stacks Australia, is a community of learners, users and developers using the Stacks Blockchain which is an open-source blockchain network that leverages the security and capital of Bitcoin for decentralized apps and smart contracts. In this Stacks ecosystem is Gamma, the marketplace for creators and digital collectors to find, list, and sell NFTs, secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. Gamma also provides a minting platform for creators to launch their NFT collections without any code, and a social platform built to become a hub for the world's web3 social identity, centered around NFTs. The days of giving away 30% plus of your sales revenue to Big Tech companies and middle men will on the way out as soon as you decide to switch your support for truely decentralised WEB3 market places.

WEB3 app Argent report that Apple will take 30% of in App Store sales of NFTs and Meta at 47.5% for their digital market place.

In contrast if you take a look at Opensea on the Ethereum network their fee is only 2.5%.

Imagine the difference it makes to an Artist by buying direct!

If you want to make the move to WEB3....

Digital Playhouse will be hosting a 4-week Learn by Doing NFTs series starting in October with on the Stacks Blockchain. Daytime NFT Sessions

Evening NFT Sessions

It gets better... as Stacks NFTs are secured by the Bitcoin network that provides the highest level of security over your digital assets.

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