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Blockchain Game Changers

Play to Earn revolution ... Axie is disrupting the Metaverse

Digital Asest enable Freedom and Control

Axie Infinity exploded into the mainstream in 2021. Is it just a game? Is it an economy? What does Play-to-Earn mean? (1)

Gaming is set to BANK the UNBANKED on a scale never seen for enyone that has a mobile phone.

Give a group of users FREEDOM and CONTROL over your own GAMING ASSETS and you have a new industry of Metaverse workers.

So who is leading the way?

Axie Infinity is a new type of game, partially owned and operated by its players who earn AXS tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game. While the crypto winter tested all blockchain communities teams like those at Axie infinity worked extremely hard and the efforts are spawning at scale.

The Metaverse holds the key to Crypto Adoption and DEFI

Axie's mission is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in a super fun way. Bictoin can be very boring. making money from someone else's work isn't really that much fun!! Gaming is set to bring scale to blockchain way beyond what we have seen to date.

So what is and Axie?

Axies are cute digital pets, each unique, that atr Non fungible tokens or NFT's that can be bought sold or rented to other users in the game.

The Size of the Play to Earn Market

With over 3 Billion gamers in the world and 2 Billion under employed people in the world play to Earn gaming platforms like Axie Infinity is providing low income nations a new form of imcome

Discord members could take the No 1 spot in gaming

The Axie DISCORD has been growing by over 100,000 members per week, while this week it exploded by over 200,000 members. While writing this it expanded by over 20,000 in the hour. Now with 582,028 if the pace continues this week it could overtake that of Fornite that sits at 811371 members largest discord.

Exploding revenues

The revenue generated this week was 16 x greater than its closest application pancake swap and its total revenue surpases all the revenue on the Etereum blockchain by $1,7 million to hit $32.5 million.

How Play to earn works

Bankless who provide the The Ultimate Program for Crypto Finance have done a great review on all the metrics of how Axie Play to earn works

Some AXIE Stats

Total number of Axies sold last 30 days = 1,064,722

Total Revenue last 30 days $457,892,172

Cheapest Axie avaiable today = $USD $191.72

Top price paid for an AXIE = $USD 550,000

Cheapest plot of land in the metaverse = $USD7200

The Game

The Developers behind the game

Key Takeaways - for budding developers

  • Nations of the future could be shaped by ideals and values not borders

  • Good things are happening in good communities

  • Adoption of blockchain technology by the masses will come in a fun way

  • The Bankless - Borderless Ecomony is here for you to access

Learn - Check out the token metrics of blockchain revenues

Protocol revenues

Terminal revenues

Digital Playhouse Research - Gaming DEFI and NFT

Digital Playhouse research is focusing on the following projects that will feature in upcoming blogs.

Get ahead of the game and do your own homework on the new projects seeking to leverage Blockchain and Cryptocurreny in the world of Gaming DEFI and NFT's


Refox labs

Redflox labs Metaverse - VAULT land sale auction set to kick of very soon

Important notice

  • This article does not offer any financial advice on making investments but is for educational purposes only

  • Web 3 appliucations are risky assets

  • Protocol layers like Ethereum as are layer 1 and side layer applications are also high risk assets

  • Staking and farming can result in loss of assets and impremanent loss

  • This article is not written to encouraging you to particpate in onilne gaming

The goal of the Digital Playhouse

"If you want to PLAY it LEARN to BUILD it"


(1) BANKLESS interview with Jeff 'Jiho' Zirlin of Skymais the developers of AXIE INFINITY.

The Full interview can be watched here

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