Digital Playhouse News

So much is happening at the Digital Playhouse and we are just getting started.

The Headlines Launch of the Exploring Bitcoin Series to commence this week

We are now a registered charity "Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd"

Kieran Nolan renowned Technologist joins the Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd Board

Digital Playhouse Foundation is awarded a Stacks Blockchain Foundation Grant to commence Stacks Australia

The School of Bitcoin finds a new home at the Digital Playhouse

Digital Playhouse to form an Australian delegation to travel to ElSalvador for the Adopting Bitcoin Event

Accountants On Chain a private Accountants and Advisors group started by Electra Frost hits 380 members

Coming Soon The Bitcoin and Crytpto Charity Vault - Target Raise = 21 BITCOIN

Digital Playhouse to set up a second WEB3 Innovation hub in Melbourne VIC

WEB 3 Gamers League to start in Agnes Water

A New Daytime Learner Program

Exploring Bitcoin