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Digital Playhouse News

So much is happening at the Digital Playhouse and we are just getting started.

The Headlines Launch of the Exploring Bitcoin Series to commence this week

We are now a registered charity "Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd"

Kieran Nolan renowned Technologist joins the Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd Board

Digital Playhouse Foundation is awarded a Stacks Blockchain Foundation Grant to commence Stacks Australia

The School of Bitcoin finds a new home at the Digital Playhouse

Digital Playhouse to form an Australian delegation to travel to ElSalvador for the Adopting Bitcoin Event

Accountants On Chain a private Accountants and Advisors group started by Electra Frost hits 380 members

Coming Soon The Bitcoin and Crytpto Charity Vault - Target Raise = 21 BITCOIN

Digital Playhouse to set up a second WEB3 Innovation hub in Melbourne VIC

WEB 3 Gamers League to start in Agnes Water

A New Daytime Learner Program

Exploring Bitcoin

We all have friends and family who want to learn about Bitcoin, Crypto and the Future of the Internet. Here is the best place to Lean and Earn Our next event starts this Wednesday 20 July 2022 Time: 11 am to 12:15 pm Where: At the Digital Playhouse Address Unit 5/43 Bicentennial Drive Cant make it in person: Then join us online via zoom What is it all about? This is a 4 week series for you to get all the starting skills you will need What to expect? Week 1: Bitcoin and Crypto 101 Bitcoin, Cryptos, Digital Payments and Digital Property are transforming the way we will work, connect, play, earn and pay. But what does that mean for me? We will seek to provide answers to all the questions you may have. Gain a deeper understanding of what exactly this mysterious, revolutionary new technology is. What are Bitcoin, Crypto and Digital Assest? Learn how to safely use and secure your digital assets Sessions are $25.00 each x 4 weeks with all processed to go to the Digital Playhouse Foundation Coding 4 Kids programs. All donations are also tax deductible. This is for anyone no matter what their your level of digital or financial literacy is. Our mission is to accellerate learning in our coimmunity. Come along and Learn 2 Earn Register here

We are now a Charity The Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd is purpose built Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) 'Advancing social or public welfare’ in communities, registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission with DGR Status.

Kieran Nolan Joins the Board One of the main inspriations behind the creation of the Digital Playhouse came from Technologist Kieran Nolan. In 2018 Gordon Christian travelled to Wooranna Park Primary School to epxerince first hand what a WEB3 school of the future looks like. We are very greatful to Kieran to be working with Kieran

Stacks Australia is Born

The Digital Playhouse Foundation is awarded a Stacks Blockchain Foundation Grant to commence Stacks Australia. The grant was instigated by Kieran Nolan to fund projects at the School of Bitcoin. The goal of Stacks Australia will be to first develop a community to grow the user base of $STX measured by the number of Stacks users and the creation of a developer community utilising the Stacks blockchain using the smart contract language Clarity. Useful Links Stacks Australia Website Stacks Australia Road Map Amplify on Twitter Stacks Events Clarity - The Programing Language Contribute - Join Discord

The School of Bitcoin The School of Bitcoin Foundation is a Digital Playhouse Foundation open project to build a dynamic consensus driven curriculum specifically for (de)financial literacy that has the ability to plug into any institution to support learners on problem and project based learning journeys. Start Learning coming soon - but take a look around The team includes

Accountants On-Chain

Digital Savy Accountant and Buisness Advisor Electra Frost has created a private group for accountants, bookkeepers and advisers to support each other in keeping pace with rapid developments in bitcoin, crypto and blockchain tech adoption. This offers a safe place to ask questions and share ideas - whether it's about dealing with client crypto matters, how blockchain innovation affects future professional practices, ideas nd discussions what the ATO should do, where members can learn how we can best service the growing numbers of investors and SMEs in this space, and more. Electra hosts an amazing number of events featuring a host of global crypto tooling companies and experts All events are offered Free but we request a $Donation to fund the Digital Playhouse Doundation. Events and information can be found here

Australian Delegtaion to Head to El Salvaor Want to Join us on tour to Adopting Bitcoin? A global Lightning Summit in El Salvador 15 - 17 November 2022

Coming Soon WEB 3 Gamers League to start in Agnes Water The Bitcoin and Crytpto Charity Vault - Target Raise = 21 BITCOIN Digital Playhouse to set up a second WEB3 Innovation hub in Melbourne VIC

Many Thanks to Our Suppoorters

The Digital Playhouse is a DGR registered PBI Chairty. tax decuctible. Should you wish to donate please request a tax invoice for your decuction receipt.

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